sobren-osotros-dormalit.jpgFrom a very young age, experts advise that a healthy life requires eating well, doing sport and resting.

It is a reality that we need to sleep in order to think clearly, react quickly and settle our memory. We need to sleep to feel good and healthy. We need to sleep to recharge our energy, but did you know that ... the human being spends a third of his life sleeping? Rest is vitally important to us and time is precious. Not only does the amount of time we spend sleeping matter, but also the quality. This is where Dormalit was born.

Dormalit was created in 2017 by manufacturers with over 30 years of experience in the industry. It was born with the aim of providing a quality product available to everyone and around the world. So far, it is doing so.

Dormalit is based in southern Spain and consists of teams of specialists: A technical department that takes care of every detail of the design and composition of the mattresses. A customer service department adapted and personalized to each of our customers. A production team in charge of manufacturing the mattress and a quality department that supervises every millimeter manufactured.

In short, Dormalit is a manufacturer and is made up of passionate and dedicated people. This is where we make the difference. We like what we do and we do it for you.