At Dormalit we work very hard to be able to manufacture, prepare and serve your products in a very short period of time.  We send our products all over Europe. We guarantee a delivery within 2 to 9 working days, depending on the transport company making the delivery and the country of destination.

The delivery time will start counting from the moment we receive the order during our working hours. Once the order is shipped, Dormalit will inform you via email of the tracking number so that you can track your order thoroughly. 

The delivery service will be carried out from Monday to Friday, expressly excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national or local holidays, where deliveries are not made.

Delivery times are estimated and may be altered due to causes beyond Dormalit's control. If this happens we will inform you. It will not be considered a failure to deliver if the order has been delayed at the customer's will or if we cannot locate the buyer with the data he has provided.


If you are not satisfied with your purchase, Dormalit makes it easy for you. You have 14 calendar days from receipt to request a return of the item you have purchased. The return will be totally free as long as the mattress is in its original packaging and has not been unpacked.

If, on the contrary, the product has been taken out of its packaging, opened or used, the return or exchange of the product is at YOUR expense with an amount of 100 euros, which you will have to pay once the return has been processed. We want you to know that the mattress we collect from you, opened or used, returns to our facilities and is donated free of charge to non-profit associations. With this, Dormalit wants to help those who have less by contributing their little grain of sand. We know that every small contribution to the underprivileged is important to you and us. Your mattress goes to those who have less, who are the only ones who benefit from the change you decide to make.

If the change has been accepted by Dormallit, we will contact you directly to give you written instructions via email on how to prepare the mattress for removal by the carrier. The collection of the product will be made by the transport company and it is the customer's responsibility that this can be done without incident and on the ground floor of the building.

Once the product is received at our facilities of origin, Dormalit will refund the price paid for the products in full. The consumer will be responsible for the costs of transporting the product back, as mentioned above.

On the other hand, all Dormalit products are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect. In the event of manufacturing defects, Dormalit will replace the product for another and free of charge provided that the complaint is documented to shop@dormalit.com, attaching photos or videos of the defects mentioned. In this case you will not assume any expense.

Please, if you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you.